Customised packaging

Customise to make unique.

The company produces mouldings for the production of variable quantities of items. Subsequently, all products can be customised to make them unique and respect the preferences and requirements of the customer.

Customised plastic flacons and jars Customised plastic flacons and jars

Each plastic container, from flacons to jars and jerry cans, must satisfy the technical properties specified by the customer as well as aesthetic characteristics which are essential for corporate image and brand. This is because staff liaise with the marketing departments of the customers’ businesses.

Design of plastic containers

The design stage is the responsibility of the internal technical office where the staff work on CAD/CAM programmes for the realisation of technical designs, the creation of the MOCKUP, various tests to verify that the product is compatible with the materials it will contain and other activities.

Plastivalle also provides various types of caps and other accessories such as dispensers, triggers and others.


customizable plastic containers

Plastivalle has invested in the purchase of a professional 3D printer capable of guaranteeing rapid and precise prototyping of the product designed and customized together with the customer.

A machine that has revolutionized production by offering the possibility of examining the product in advance, evaluating its shapes and real dimensions: bottles, jerry cans, tins, jars and other types of plastic containers.

Master colours

Customisation of plastic products

Through the addition of the master, (the concentrated additive to be inserted into the virgin raw material to colour it) the intensity of the colour is regulated to obtain infinite chromatic gradations.
The company supplies customers with bottles, jars, spray bottles, jerry cans and numerous other accessories of whatever colour and finish such as soft touch screen-printing and heat printing.
Every material such as PEHD (polyethylene), PVC, PELD, PETG, PET, PP (polypropylene) can attain determined effects: the choice of plastic materials and their combination, in fact, is based on the requested finish.

Screen printing and heat printing.

Plastivalle also offers the specialist service of screen-printing and heat-printing.
Often used in combination, these finishing techniques are ideal for both standard and customised products as well as being advantageous as regards recycling: thanks to these finishes, in fact, it is often unnecessary to apply labelling to plastic containers.

The company entrusts the screen-printing and heat printing to its expert screen printers who advise customers on colours, type of graphics and on the best effects for all the different uses.

Screen printing and heat printing of plastic containers

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