contenitori in plastica per settore farmaceuticoHealthcare and pharmaceutical sector

Plastic containers
for the pharmaceutical sector.

Plastivalle produces plastic flacons and other special plastic containers, such as tubes and technical components associated with the world of medicine, intended for hospitals, pharmacies and other bodies within the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.
As in the food sector, the most important specifications to be respected are those related to the sterilisation of the location where the plastic is processed and where its derived products are produced.

Bottles and flacons for pharmacies and hospitals Bottles and flacons for pharmacies and hospitals

The cleanroom.

In the production department dedicated to plastic containers intended for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, it is necessary to eliminate impurities present in the air.
For this reason, the company avails of its internal cleanroom: a sealed room where special filters and forced circulation of ultra-filtered air prevent dust or other contaminating agents from entering. In this fully equipped room, an environment has been created in which it is possible to work in a controlled atmosphere with very pure air.

Sterile plastic containers

Plastic products for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

In Plastivalle, the specialist staff who work in the cleanroom utilise HDPE, PET, PETG, and PP to produce sterile plastic containers.
Among the various articles, Plastivalle offers pill containers, jars, tubes for creams, pots and flacons together with their accessories such as seal caps, dispensers and others.

All items can be made to size and customised.

Plastic containers for pharmacies and hospitals

Plastic containers for pharmacies and hospitals:
monitored production.

he elevated qualitative standards which must be respected, guaranteed and certified for the production of plastic containers for medical and healthcare use, obligate Plastivalle to constantly monitor the production of these items which is executed through blow moulding.
Plastivalle endeavours to guarantee this quality thanks to the cleanroom but also through close quality control in the selection of plastic materials, in production and in the verification of finished product before delivery.

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